Thrasher Magazine April 2019

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Who gets two covers in one year? The 2018 SOTY Tyshawn Jones, that’s who! This straight nollie heel over a bump to bar let’s you know right away that the April 2019 issue is gonna be nuts. Massive Skater of the Year Miami/Puerto Rico trip article inside—featuring the whole crew (girlfriends included). In other SOTY-related biz, we talk to Chris Cole about the year(s) he got it and Jamie Foy passes the Rusty torch to TJ. Travel-wise, the Atlantic Drifters slide themselves into Athens for some classic shredding. Need some coping crushed? You’re in luck—Chris “The Muscle” Russell gets the Thrasher interview treatment. Strong, very strong. Art aficionados will appreciate Gonz’ new Abnormal Communication column, history buffs and graphics connoisseurs can dig into Salman Agah’s Classic Graphics and Zounds fans can read Jeff Ament’s interview about the early days of the Seattle skate/music scene and his skatepark construction crusade. This issue also has the Thrasher ABCs (Alva to Zorilla) and two free posters. Call the doctor; this issue is sick. 

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