Thrasher Magazine March 2019

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  • Kód výrobku: Thrasher Magazine March 2019
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A year ago, Simon Bannerot was in a wheelchair with a broken pelvis. Now he’s on the cover of the Feb issue of the Bible popping off a ceiling in Dallas on the Am Scramble. Not a bad turn of events! Full Scramble coverage inside, with interviews and insanity from Justin Henry, Gabriel Summers, Cover boy SB, Henry Gartland, Tanner Van Vark, Kader Sylla, Jaakko Ojanen and the Fabulous Delfino Siblings. The Scramble just keeps getting spicier! On that travel tip, Deathwish brings their deadly moves to Florida for a tsunami of stoke. Up front we’ve got the always anticipated T-Eddy Awards, where even the losers are winners. But that ain’t all—Allen Losi talks Classic Covers, CJ Collins goes to war in Denver, Zane Timpson gets the Lunatic Fringe treatment and Clinton Perry and his crew slash through the ashes of the Northern CA wildfires. It may be cold outside but this issue is hot as HELL. 

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