Thrasher Magazine November 2019

  • Výrobce: Thrasher
  • Kód výrobku: Thrasher Magazine November 2019
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Do you ever wonder what it must feel like to fly? Felipe Nunes knows damn well, flying down a massive rail for the cover of the November ’19 issue. Felipe shares his journey—from losing his legs in a train accident to realizing his skateboard could take him further than any train could. Speaking of Brazil, the Lakai team takes a trip down to São Paulo in search for the crustiest street spots. (Of course Birdman found a vert ramp.) Toy Machine is back and looking for blood. We sat down with the team and talked about their new video, Programming Injection. It is not for the lighthearted. Best take those meds! Sh*t is getting real, former SOTYs Ishod and K Walks get back to their roots and hop in the van. Find out what keeps these guys grounded and how it feels to be on top. Need more? How about a face melting Slash interview. Welcome to the jungle, baby.

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