Thrasher Magazine November 2014

  • Výrobce: Thrasher
  • Kód výrobku: ThrasherMag
  • Bonusové body: 190
  • Dostupnost:Není skladem
  • 190 Kč
  • Cena bez DPH: 157 Kč
  • Cena v bonusových bodech: 800


Is there any better way to celebrate your feature interview than by gracing the cover of the Bible with a front blunt through the kink of a stacked rail? Ask Jeremy Leabres; he'll tell you. Things don't slow down once you crack into the mag, either: GX1000 scrubs away at London; Volcom crushes some cobblestone in Portugal; Vans sends some notes from the base camp as their video progress marches on and Ben Raemers has 12 pages of solid shredding, leaving no doubt that he's one of our country's most valuable imports. Fall may be coming but this issue is gonna lift your spirits, kid.

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