Thrasher Magazine May 2018

  • Výrobce: Thrasher
  • Kód výrobku: Thrasher Magazine May 2018
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Jason Jessee's first Bible cover let's everybody know that style (and stoke) is timeless. This one's our yearly Interview Issue and it's HEAVY: Austyn Gillette, Kader Sylla, Tyson Peterson & K-Walks, cover boy J. Jessee, Joslin, Chima and more! On the travel front, Girl and Chocolate chugged it up in China and have the barf photos to prove it. And that ain't all: Chris "Cookie" Colbourn goes to War in NYC, Mike Manzoori breaks down Etnies' Album and tunes-wise, T-Pain, John Doe of X and Yellowman all get grilled. The Gillette and Joslin interviews alone are worth a year's subscription. Skateboarding is the truth.

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